Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Autumnbreak and GEEKcore 2015 part 2

FRIDAY Lucy had some thing to do at home so she went home at around 7:00am. I had an SpeedMeeting event at 11:00am with my teammate Steven so I woke up at around 8:00am.
Here is a nice picture of him!!!

My awesome teammate Steven!
and here is one of the event, Lucy joined a bit late but she was there!!:

Michelle was also there!!!
Lucy had to work at 12:00pm so after the event ad finished she ran to her shift!!
Lucy working with Andreas the teamleader of Secret Cafe!
I ate some cake samples XD
I found my friend Michelle and we ended up playing Tanto Cuore (A maid card game.. It was really fun). We were 4 people, Michelle, Joachim (chimo), Michelles' Boyfriend and I. We played for hours, I would say about 3-4 hours because we also had to learn the rules!! The game is really fun when you get it ^^

I found Lucy afterwards and we changed into cosplay. We got another photographer (Knud Trondhjem foto) to take some pictures of us. Because the light wasn't right so he ended up asking if we could do it first thing the next morning. We agreed!!
Before the photoshoot we were once again singing karaoke. The first song was "Mighty Long Fall" by One Ok Rock. The next one I sang myself it was "Eternal snow" (how Ironic) from Full Moon Wo Sagashite. We then sang "Let it go" Again. This time it went a lot better and I once again sang Let it Burn! The final song we sang was "I see Fire" by Ed Sheeran (Ironic once again).

We were not tired yet so we went to the Gameroom to see if we could play smash bro on Wii! We joined to guys. I think one of them was called Patrick but not entirely sure!! They had something else to do so they left not long after, which resolved in another guy joining us! I think we played for half an hour then our eyes went crazy because of contact lenses and fake eyelashes, so we went to sleep.

SATURDAY we woke up at 7:00am. We packed our stuff and brought it over to the con-area and down in the staff storage place!! VIP is great!!
We changed into cosplay and found the photographer Knud and went up to the 5th floor to use the panelroom because there was a really cool wall!! 
I will post the pictures when I get them!!
My last event with my teammate Vebel was at 01:00pm so me and Lucy ran around the con and talked to people until it started. Not many people showed up we were around 7-10 people. 
Here is a picture of the event before it started and a selfie I took while waiting!! Mathias was there as well!!

Lucy betrayed me since she had a Photoshoot without me while I had an event!!
After my event it was Lucy time to work so I ran around myself. 
A funny thing that happened was the moment I took a step outside the elevator and walked towards the cafe, (I was looking for Andreas - the teamleader of The Secret cafe and I found him in the cafe!!) I yelled "I found him, but where is Lucy", a group of girl came up to me and yelled "YOU ARE COMMING WITH US!!". I was so shocked and could say anything else then okay!! They took my arm and startede to run so I had go pull up my dress because they ran outside and over to the outdoor stage!! I found out that it was a treasure hunt and they had to find an Elsa, so Lucy was there as well! It was super fun and really a highlight of the day. Also because the one hosting the event was a Dark Elsa so we had a mini photoshoot with her. So much fun. 
I will post the pictures later when I get them!
But here is a picture of Dark Elsa and Dark Jack Frost:

Dark Elsa and Dark Jack Frost!
Lucy left because she was pulled away during her shift but a girl named Astrid wanted some more pictures of us with our caps and shoes on (mine was a bit broken so I did not wear them at that time). Since Lucy already had had a separate photoshoot and had to leave she said that I could just do it myself! 
So I picked up my cape and shoes and out to the outdoor stage once again!!
Again when I get the photos I will update..

When I was on my way down from the stage I girl came running over to me and asked me if she could take some pictures of me. She then said to me that she was from the magazine DKos, which I once before was in Vol. 13, page 94 because of SVS. The interview is in danish (sorry about that), but basically I was in the magazine because I have been to many SVS-cons and it was a tribute to SVS, because this year was the last SVS-con EVER!! It was also to show your first cosplay and how you had evolved from that! But Sacha the girl from DKos asked me if she could use the pictures for the next magazine, which will be published the 1th December this year! I said of course, then she asked what I liked the most regrading my cosplay and I said the sleeves, because of the rhinestone pattern!!

I then changed out of my cosplay because I was not sure about when my parents would come pick me up. First they said around 04:00pm, then is was 05:30pm but it ended being at 06:30pm XD which was nice! During my waiting Lucy was working so I went to the gameroom where I found Victor (Genki owner) and Allan (GEEKcore owner). They play against each other but Victor ended up winning over Allan twice - I believe my cheering did the trick!! ^^
I was home in Esbjerg around 10:00pm.. It was nice with a real bed!! 

Here are some Cosplay Photos!!:

Will from Witch!!

Not sure but awesome made!

don't know this one but really cool!

Robin Hood from Arrow!

Hannah Alexander's Fa Mulan
Cosplayed by 
Dark Elsa!
The Mario Brothers!

That was my GEEKcore!! This time my post came out faster I'm so proud of myself!!
Until next time remember get enough sleep at convention and wear enough cloth our you will get sick.... ~ "Cough Cough"
Yeah for the first time after a convention I got sick.... oO

Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumnbreak and GEEKcore 2015 part 1

3 weeks before GEEKcore I startede working on my Felsa (Fire Elsa) cosplay.. ~Should have startede earlier... I will write a separate post about how I made my cosplay and how me and Lucy managed to "finish" hers (so it was wearable). But here is a picture of our cosplay:

Fire Elsa and Elsa!

We were very happy the the outcome but there is still much more to do on these cosplays, since they are not entirely finished yet but we still wanted to wear them, because this will probably be the last convention for me in a long time since I will go to South Korea the 15th February (I bought my plane ticket.. more about that later ~YEAH)
Lucy had come to Esbjerg the week before the start of GEEKcore because we had to work on her cosplay. And boy did we work on it!!! We had an allnighter from thursday the 8th to friday. we also worked the entire friday. I had work Saturday and sunday morning so she had to go home at about 10-11pm friday and come back Saturday after I finished work. Saturday I also had to go buy last minute cosplay things like paint, paint brushes, printer-paper, footsies (those one you can wear in ballerinas) and nylon stockings. I went with Maria because she also had some things to do in the city. After our shopping trip we went to get lunch at Sunset Boulevard. We then went home to me and awaited Lucy's arrival (she did not know that Maria would join us. It was a surprise). Maria was hiding (very obvious hiding place) but Lucy did not she her before I startede laughing.
Maria helped Lucy with the painting of her Elsa shoes.

TUESDAY the 13th Lucy and I took the train at 9:42am from Esbjerg to Værløse (where Lucy is living). 
On the train ~Yeah!!
I would be sleeping with her in her caravan which is located in Chrilles backyard. So I got to spend some time with him.. He was so nice he made fried-rice with ham for me and Lucy Tuesday and in the evening we went to get bubbletea. We went to a place called The Mad Hatter. It was a very nice place:

Chrille and Lucy!
The "cafe" and Lucy's hand!
I got the Mango flavor with Jasmin tea (what a surprise) and passion fruit bubbles ~It was not cheap. I payed 42 kr for a regular one O_O:

Very good!!
We took the S-train home: 
At Nørreport station!
We were very tired so we went to bed super early!

WEDNSDAY we went to help Cafe Sweet Vanilla bake cake for our secret store at GEEKcore in Valby. We took the S-train to Valby. in the train I was checking out plane tickets to South Korea on Momondo. 
The price on the tickets had been raising the past days so in order to get the cheapest one I bought my plane ticket on the train. So it's official I will be leaving Denmark the 15th February 2016 ~I can't wait!!!!

We arrived at Kraftværket not long after. The place we had to bake. It was me, Lucy and Isa that baked the cakes. We had a lot of fun ^^

The cake that we baked
Cafe Sweet Vanilla: Michelle and Jacob the pirate! 

Chrille Lucy's roommate had also invited us to come and see him game at something called ComParty at a school in Frederiksberg. But before we went there we went to Panduro Hobby in Frederiksberg to buy some glue for my corset since the red paint was all sticky. I later painted the corset with glue.. (It worked  but no rain for me because the glue was water-based ~OMG!!). We saw Chrille play LOL but they lost all their battles. Crilles fave LOL character had been banned so I believe that is the reason for their loss.  
Some photos from Comparty:
Chrille is gaming!!! 
We had fun! 
Funny Faces!!
Lucy and I took the bus back to Valby we wanted to sleep after I had painted my corset but there was so much noise because of a concert, so we had to wait. In the end we were allowed to sleep in the same room as Cosplay Couch because Allan (owner of GEEKcore) is such a nice person which was away from the noise!! ^^

THURSDAY the 15th October - the first day of GEEKcore:
I had a Ninja event with one of my teammate Mathias (Again I was on the event team ~Yeah!!) from 03:00-04:00pm. It was really fun even though we were not that many compared to Genki. If you don't know what Ninja is check out this link (I don't own this video!)
After Ninja I went to find Lucy so we could put on our cosplay. She only had an hour before she had to work, so we were in a hurry to get it on. She had to go before she got to help me with my corset, so I had to do it myself. I managed but it was hard!! After I had got I on I went down to her in the Secret Store and as soon as we had gotten our capes on there were people that wanted pictures of us!! I will make an update when I get them because we got a business card: Blue Beard Photography.
After the little photoshoot I went to the mangaworkshop and this is what I drew:

When Lucy got off work we had some time before my next event: Anime Bingo, so we ran around checking out the convention.
Here is some pictures of the con-area: 


Tenryuushi  He is a great artist!!
MadeByTrolls - I bought a hair pin from her.

The Hairpin I bought:


Tse Yan - Artist Ally!

A picture of the Dealerhall

Funny Pikachu faces!


Event area!!

GameRoom 2!
The time for Anime Bingo was nearing. So I had to make sure everything was ready. I had to print the material and one of my helpers Edward put up the tables and chairs and I started cutting the Anime Bingo paper sheets out with help from many other helpers and my co-event partner Mikkel!
Lucy was attending the event, so nice of her!!! ^^
The Event after was Disney Quiz which we attended but we left before the results because we knew we had not won!

After the event Lucy and I went to sing karaoke and of course we had to sing Let it Go from Frozen. But instead of singing let it go during the chores I sang Let it Burn ~It was so fitting since I was Fire Elsa!! We also sang "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.
Here is some pictures form our karaoke time:

I'll make a man out of you from Mulan!!!!
Karaoke Selfie!!
After some hours of singing we went to the sleephall around 1,2 km away so we took of our cosplay and put on our pyjamas!
We made a wrong turn so we ended up walking a lot longer then necessary but a man helped us by giving us directions XP even though we had a map to go by we still managed to get "lost":

This is the end of the first part!! Look forward to part 2!!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Genki 2015 - Sunday 2end August

SUNDAY I woke up at 06:45am and I took a shower. Once again there was only cold water but I had heard someone say the the showers on the upperside side of the convention hall had hot water so I tried to go there. No one there and there to my happiness the water was nice and warm. 
After my shower I went to get some breakfast. 
alot of mistakes had been made regarding my events so the event ninja I had to host sunday was cancelled once again, so I just had free time.. Then I went back to pack my things so they where ready for when I had to go home. 
My friend Siw was late so I ran around the convention taking pictures but it ended in Siw and my other friends including Mark (Siw's littlebrother) went home without saying goodbye!! I was really angry and sad about this but nothing to do about that ^^
I did not do much this day other then taking pictures so they will come at the end of this post.
I was home in my house at around 10:00pm and I left Farum at around 14:00 so a really long transport time. I took the bus from CPH at around 04:50pm XP
Once I came home I was very TIRED so I unpacked and then went to bed. My dad was not home so I was home alone!

Cosplay Pictures:
Stella from Winx Club
Cosplayed by Liv-is-alive
Kim Possible, Bonni Rockwaller, Brick Flagg from Kim Possible
FairyMary From Tinkerbell
Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy 
Stormtroopers from Starwars!
Lyra Croft from Tomb Raider
Cosplay by Yòsei Cosplay DK (Siw my friend)
Anna from Frozen
Cosplay by CapnJinglebells Cosplay (She makes one hell of a GREAT ALICE)
Berry Shirayuki from Tokyo Mew Mew (Manga) 
Madoka from Madoka Magica
Lion King (I think..not sure)
Anastasia from Anastasia 
They look so cute!! 
Cannot remember what they are called... XP
Don't know this one but thought it looked pretty cool!!
Frollo and Esmaralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Frollo cosplayed by  CapnJinglebells Cosplay 
Toph Beifong from Avatar the Last Airbender
Cosplayed by Chii Cosplay~ 
Beautiful cosplay!!
Baymax from Big Hero 6
I think this is from Doctor Who!
Not so sure about this one.. But awesome made!!
Nor this one but very cool..
SailorMoon/Usagi from Sailor Moon

That was the end of my Genki 2015 posts sorry for the late update!!
Remember don't think less of yourself ~<3